Lunch Specials

Experience a Satisfying Lunch at Damianos Pizza

When you are looking for great lunch options, Damianos Pizza is a top choice for you. Along with a great variety of options, you can enjoy a full as well as a satisfying lunch meal. If you feel more comfortable at home, you can simply order lunch special online and try out our exclusive lunch items.

Some of our lunch special items are:

  •       Salads

If you are a health conscious individual, we have the best lunch item for you in the form of salads. Whether you like the Greek salad or the Caesar salad, we can offer what your heart desires. With the use of healthy ingredients and authentic spices, we prepare the best salads. Even though salad may sound a diet food, with the use of the best ingredients, we make the dish interesting for you. We, at Damianos Pizza, offer you a salad full of nourishments.

  •       Wraps

Wraps are a favorite lunch option for today’s young generation. We, at Damianos Pizza, offer you tender wraps with rich flavors and taste. Our wrap varieties for lunch include chicken pita Souvlaki wrap and chicken Caesar wrap. Whatever you choose, we assure you of the best taste.

  •       Spaghetti

When you are a lover of Italian cuisine, spaghetti, you can try it at Damizanos Pizza. Rich in vitamins and minerals, we offer you a delicious afternoon meal in the form of spaghetti. You can even add your favorite toppings and make it taste even better.

  •       Souvlaki

One of the classic dishes for lunch at Damianos Pizza is souvlaki. Our chicken souvlaki will give you a rich taste of the popular Greek fast food. With steaming hot chicken souvlaki, we ensure a treat for your taste buds.

Order lunch special online from Damianos Pizza and enjoy a satisfying lunch with the best dishes.